These are some of the workshops I teach, if you have something specific in mind that isn't listed here please do ask. Some of these workshops have come about in exactly that way.

Most of my workshops fit nicely into a single day, but I am happy to teach shorter or longer classes. Please contact me for details of charges.

Art quilts by numbers

During this workshop you will learn how to process your own images and produce patterns to make art quilts. You will make a small art quilt from a supplied pattern with one technique and be talked through the process of using the same pattern with a different technique. Kits can be supplied for this class. Whilst this is designed as a one day course it works very well in extended formats. Longer classes allow students time to produce their own patterns and then quilts from those patterns. It can also provide the oportunity to use the provided pattern with the alternate technique.

Art quilts 2: impressionism

A day workshop in which you will make your interpretation of my quilt "In full bloom". We will discuss how this technique for representing an image can be applied to other designs. This is a fun and quite simple class, but will involve some freemotion quilting. Lots of hints and tips will be given on how to improve your quilting.

Art quilts 3: cows, Che

Using the technique that was discussed in the "Art quilts by numbers" workshop, in this class we will use larger pieces of fabric to produce the image. These are the same techniques that were used to produce my quilt "Herd mentality". During the day students can worked on a supplies pattern, for which kits are available if needed. If the group have not previously taken the "Art quilts by numbers" class they can also be shown how to process their own images to produce patterns for this technique. This class extends well into a multi-day class where the students work from their own photographs, through the whole process to their own unique quilts.

Machine quilting 1

In this one day class we will cover choices of needles, threads and marking tools. We will look at using the machine's built in stitches for quilting. During the afternoon the focus will be on free motion quilting. You will learn several simple but effective all over patterns for your quilts as well as some designs for sashings and borders. During the class we will also discuss quilting options for troublesome tops.

Machine quilting 2

A one day workshop that focuses on free motion quilting all day. Many quilt patterns will be taught during the day with lots of encouragement to play with different threads. The afternoon will be dedicated to feathers in many forms. There will also be the oportunity to ask for advice on quilting difficult quilt tops.

Wholecloths 1: simple wholecloths

If you think wholecloth quilts are too advanced or too complex for you then think again. These wholecloths can be achieved by anyone who can use a sewing machine. Working from a traditional quilt block design many students will complete a 20" square quilt during a day. Students are welcome to work on a bigger quilt if they would prefer although they are less likely to complete that within one day. This class can be run as a weekend class.

Wholecloths 2: larger wholecloths

Hooked by the simple wholecloth? Then this is the next class for you. Working on a 40" - 60" quilt allows for more complex designs to be tackled. Mariner's compasses and lone stars work very well at this size. In a day class you will complete the marking process and have started the stitching. This workshop works very well as a weekend class.

Wholecloths 3: wholecloths for the addicted

This is the ultimate wholecloth class. We will look at producing an effective design and how it can be transfered to the fabric, and then selecting threads and stitching patterns to produce a stunning finished product. This class can be taken as a day class, but when done this way it is unlikely the student will get to the stitching stage within the day. This workshop is best as a multi day course, either as one session or as several single days spread over a period of time.

Wholecloths 4: large wholecloths, small machines

You love your domestic sewing machine but you want to make a large wholecloth. In this workshop we will plan a wholecloth that can be produced with the aid of some quilt as you go techniques. This class needs to be run over multiple session to allow time to quilt the pieces ready for assembly. It is also suitable for a summer school or longer quilting retreat.

Custom machine quilting classes

If none of those options are quite right for your group, do feel free to contact me and discuss your requirements. I can often design a course to meet your specific requitements.

Frame quilting lessons

I offer tuition on frame quilting systems. Generally these are taught on the customer's machine to small groups. If a shop has a demonstration system, I am happy to come and teach on that. I can cover many areas of frame quilting to the basics of loading and setting up the system to complex quilting patterns.

Autumn leaves

A one day workshop based on my award winning quilt "Golden storm". During the class you will learn a completely machine sewn binding technique and my method for making 3 dimensional applique leaves.

Ferreting around

Over a series of 4-6 classes learn to make the sampler quilt from my book Ferreting Around. This is a very good class for beginners as, being a sampler quilt, the poject overs a lot of techniques. More experienced quilters will appreciate the quilt as you go method, different ways of aproaching traditional blocks and the opportunity to modify the design to their own needs.

Mystery quilt 1

My first mystery quilt uses just three fabrics to make a quilt of at least 60" square. It is easy to extend if you want a larger quilt. The sewing is quite basic but the process will keep you guessing right up to the last page. Best suited to weekend, or week classes.

Speed quilt 1

This is the first of my speed quilts. The idea was to come up with a class that would allow students to make a complete quilt in a day. There are two size options but please be aware that most students will complete the smaller size just after lunch in a day class. It really is a very quick pattern. The larger quilt will be close to completion at the end of a day workshop.

Speed quilt 2

This is the second of my speed quilt designs. It is based on a bargello type design. There is some sewing that is done before the workshop so during the day we can quickly get to the point of assembling the quilt. This may mean complete beginners would prefer one of the other designs, but anyone who has made one quilt should be quite happy with what they need to do. The full quilt is a large single or small double with scope to extend.

Speed quilt 3

Speed 3 is based on a log cabin block. It is a great pattern for using up scraps and is easy to scale up or down. If you wish to use scraps there will be more preparation time before class, but during a day class, most students have assembled at least a lap size quilt, and many achieve far more.

Speed quilt 4

This quilt was inspired by Amish designs. It is the simplest of the speed quilt designs to date and can be the fastest to put together. Many students though have taken advantage of it's larger spaces to practice their quilting. I designed it with very simple lines of quilting but I have been amazed by some of the quilts my students have produced from this pattern.

Speed quilt 5

I started this quilt with the aim of having a delicately shaded quilt, something subtle. Once the smaller quilt was completed I moved on to a larger rainbow quilt which is anything but subtle. Both patterns are supplied and the smaller quilt can be completed within the day, but with most groups the larger quilt is more popular. The larger option is the biggest so far in the speed series and makes a very generous double quilt, or a reasonable king size depending on the size of the outer border.


In this workshop we cover the basic caveman quilting technique created by Ricky Tims. During the day class you will make a pair of tulip like flowers and in many cases add borders and quilt your creations. When taught as a weekend class students will start with the tulips then move on to other designs once they have mastered the technique.


The dragonfly class is the follow on class to the tulips. During the day students will work on producing a set of four dragonfly blocks, to either become a lap quilt or a wall hanging. As an exptendeed class, students will make more sets of 4 blocks to produce a bed quilt. We will also cover sashing and borders in the longer class.

Faux trapunto flowers

These roses will let you try your hand at three different styles of faux trapunto, and in the process make either a small wall hanging or the center piece of three cushions. A machine sewn project suitable for all levels of quilter.

Woven wallhanging

What can you do with fabric when you are bored of piecing and appliqué? You can weave it. A fun class with no sewing but a lot of playing with fabric. As a day class you can start three different styles of weaving. In a short class, one can be managed quite successfully.

Journal covers

These fun mini quilts let you try a range of techniques without risking a lot of fabric. A great class to learn free motion quilting, curved piecing, quilt as you go and embellishment. A very free form class which can be tailored to the interests of the students. The finished books also make fantastic presents.