Quilting quotes


Quilting types

  • Basting - A very large meander of long stitches in a washaway thread. I use a meander as other quilters have found straight lines to leave a mark after the thread has been washed away. Personally I have found myself tempted to fold along these stitched lines which will also leave marks. I believe the meander is the best solution to reduce these problems.
  • Simple - Larger, all over designs. This is the equivelent of the pantographs offered by other longarm quilters. I choose not to do those and instead offer a range of freehand patterns that will give good texture to busy quilts. If you want a different treatment for borders, there will be an additional charge.
  • Intermediate - Large designs featuring some intricate work, or perhaps complex quilting over a small portion of the quilt that doesn't justify the full complex quilting charge.
  • Complex - This covers denser, all over patterns and quilts with different patterns in different areas. It also applies to quilts which need different colours of thread in different areas, or anything that is quilted with metallic thread. Simple stencils and some other marked patterns are included in this price bracket.
  • Custom - For the most intricate heirloom and show quilts, the work will be charged by the hour. These quilts may require extremely dense quilting, stitch in the ditch, ruler work, trapunto or other more demanding techniques.

Binding types

  • Fit - I will trim the quilt, and machine sew a customer supplied traditional double fold binding to the front of the quilt. The customer will then need to finish the back of the binding by hand.
  • Make & fit - As above, but I will also prepare and make the binding from customer supplied fabric.
  • Piped - I will trim the quilt, make and fit a Ricky Tims style piped binding, machined front and back using customer supplied fabric.

Fabric can be provided for bindings at extra cost.

Border charge

If the border requires a separate design that needs a change of threads, the quilt to be turned on the frame or rolled backwards and forwards a lot, an extra border charge will be added.